Walk-DVR types

The Walk-DVR recorders provide all the services of the traditional DVRs but thanks to their special design, these are suitable for specific tasks.

All types utilize Wavelet JPEG2000 standard for image compression, they can receive 4 or 8 analog cameras and record the images on notebook HDD. Images can be retrieved from the device by direct computer browsing via LAN, Wi-FI or GPRS.

Depending on the type, it can be extended with CF card, GPRS and GPS modem. Due to the compression procedure devices can be remotely controlled and live images and archive files can be retrieved via GPRS.

The Hybrid Video Storage System in Walk-DVR-CF is based on acceleration and temperature measuring. The devices allow reliable operation even in an unfavourable environment with high vibration burden. Walk-DVR and Walk-DVR-GPRS are suitable for covert monitoring and utilization in places without infrastructure and the Walk-DVR-CF can be utilized for video recording in vehicles or ATMs.