The Torch Camera has been designed with remote site monitoring in mind: Portable, simple configuration and flexibility . Offering many advantages over conventional camera systems, the Torch Camera can send high resolution , 3 Megapixel images over the mobile networks and can switch between both 3G and GPRS, depending upon availability. Wi-Fi can be upgraded with the 3G for local conncetivity.
Featuring a high resolution (2048X1536) Megapixel camera and interchangeable lenses, the Torch Camera has tremondous flexibility. Video motion detection captures activity in detail that enables vehicles or individuals to be identified. All that is required to view images from Torch Camera is a device capable of accessing the internet, such as a PC or a Smart Phone and password protection ensures the security of both the device and location.
The internal SD card can store several thousand images for  playback. FTP and email can also be used to deliver images off site. Remote users can also activate recording or save a single image and all images can be processed off line using additional software.
The Torch Camera can be used as a handheld device for rapid deployment or for incident management. With a built-in battery back up the Torch Camera can be used for up to 10 hours before needing to be plugged in (subject to conditions). The Torch Camera is ideally suited to installations both short and long term with additional flexibility of being able to be relocated in minutes.
Alternative energy  sources such as wind, solar or fuel cells can be used to power the Torch camera, making it perfect for remote sites which do not have conventional power infrastructure.