STP Access Control Systems

We started to develop access control system hardware and software components in 1994. We accomplished the development of the components of our first generation access control system in 1996. Ever since we extend the STP Access Control and Attendance Register System with new hardware components and new services.

The essential point of our products is that all of them built up from matching "STP standard" hardware components. This way the function upgrade is easier and cheaper.

In our system the users identify themselves with proximity cards.
We have own developed card readers for some card systems. In addition, our devices can use third party card readers or biometric identification terminals with standard Wiegand or Clock-Data output.

The hardware components of the system can be setup with the Access Configuration Client software. Some of the features can be accessed by client softwares (for example: issue substitute card with the Reception Terminal client software) and some of them by the hardware (for example: access, anti-passback, display attendance register balance).

Each of the controllers have their own IP address which allows them to connect directly to LAN. Different types of controllers can be used in one system according to the tasks of the system.

Our hardware and software components are able to constitute small, middle sized and large systems. The upgrade of existing system is easy because the installation of new hardware components does not require the installation of new software components. Only new features require new types of client softwares.

This illustration below shows a middle sized, integrated Access Control, Attendance register, Digital video recorder and Burglar alarm system. The system contains IP controllers, SK03-08 controllers and SComplexes (access, video and alarm).

These systems can be established within one single site --communicating with the server over LAN-- or more sties --communicating with the server over the Internet.

Access Control

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