100 megapixel Panoramic IP camera


Panoramic camera

In 2011 the latest development of the STP Ltd is the Logipix Day/Night 15 Megapixel Auto Back Focus Security Camera with SATA interface. The device, which can take more than 100-megapixel pictures is built up from these cameras. Logipix panorama

This device consists of nine Logipix Day/Night 15 Megapixel Auto Back Focus Security Cameras, the images of which are integrated into one high resolution panorama image. The cameras are located at an angel of 40° to each other, so the totel 360° area can be observed. The frame rate is 5 fps. As in case of all the other products of the STP Ltd, the 100 megapixel panoramic camera uses JPEG2000 compression procedure as well.

Application area: The high resolution panorama image is ideal in areas, where large areas must be simultaneously and continuously monitored. The surveillance work is assisted by the Logi-Zoom function optimized to small bandwidth. This function allows only the detailed images to be displayed at full resolution on the control center, while the other parts of the image are displayed in low resolution.


Software: In the Video monitor menu point of the Control Center the integrated image of the nine 15-megapixel Logipix cameras can be seen, so the maximum resolution of this image is 135 megapixel. The detailed, digital zoomed images can be displayed on the bottom of the window, while the whole panorama image can be seen in the control center in lower resolution in its real time.

Logipix panorama screen