Hemispheric Lens Torch Camera


The SeSys Hemispherical Torch Camera is a complete Digital IP Camera System. Simple to operate - just switch it on and the unit will automatically connect via the 3G/GPRS network, enabling images to be viewed from anywhere!
The Hemispheric Torch Camera offers many advantages over conventional camera systems, sending high resolution , 3 Megapixel images over the mobile networks. The unit can switch between both 3G and GPRS, depending updon availability.
Several thousand images can be stored onto the internal SD card for playback. The images can also be sent over the 3G/GPRS network at a later time.
The Hemispheric Torch Camera features a new generation of high resolution Megapixel camera units. A single fisheye lens provides a complete 180 degree view of any area - allowing the user to easily monitor a room in its entirety. Built in software means that stored images can be converted to panorama, correcting any distortion created by the wide angle of the lens.