Electronic Lockers

Intelligent, electronic lockers

Traka's intelligent keyless lockers are supported by 'behind-the-scenes' electronics and are available in two administrative versions - Simple Locker Administration and Advanced Locker Administration. This page describes the Simple Locker solution. They are also known as our Electronic Lockers. Electronic Lockers provide a low cost solution to organisations such as

Infact any organisation which needs to provide a low cost secure storage solution for shared portable equipment such as laptop computers or for storage of personal items of equipment.

These lockers are easily installed, simple to use, and require little training.  Once in use they are easily administered from the front control panel - there is no software to load and no PC is required for management control.

Electronic lockers allow for the use of PIN code as the default access method. But, optionally, ID card or biometrics access control can be fitted.

How do they work?

Electronic Lockers can be configured to operate in one of two modes:

  • One time use of each compartment, so that after use the compartment is reassigned and issued to the next user
  • For each compartment to be permanently assigned to a specific user by an administrator for a fixed period of time

The system includes a real time clock and allows for the ability to automatically fire open all doors at a set time (perhaps at midnight).

There is no link to any computer or database. A log of each compartments' activity can be investigated at the LCD display by an administrator via the keypad.

If the locker is being used to house laptop computers for example, each compartment can optionally be fitted with a power socket to allow for the use of chargers.

All Traka lockers come with a special electronic latch-lock which opens under load (even if the locker is overfilled). In normal use the door “pops” open, it self-locks when closed and has a mechanical key override for emergency access.