Bespoke lockers

Intelligent, keyless, bespoke lockers

Whilst Traka offers a range of standard key management cabinets and intelligent locker solutions, there are almost certainly, occasions when the 'one size fits all' approach is not applicable. This is particularly true when it comes to managing your company equipment, tools and important assets. Thanks to our unique modular design basis, Traka is able to create intelligent lockers in almost any combination of shape or size to suit your specific requirements.
Who uses Traka lockers?
Our intelligent lockers are used in Government Offices, Airports, Police Stations, Prisons, Distribution Centres, Power Stations, Libraries, Hospitals and Museums. In fact anywhere that needs to control access to equipment, tools, supplies or important assets. 
Lockers are managed through the same Traka software as our key management cabinets to enable the full range of access control, auditing, and management reporting.
Simple locker solutions
For organisations requiring a less demanding solution, Traka also offers a simple electronic locker.
Why bespoke lockers?
As you can imagine, housing an industrial power tool is quite different to a drugs dispensing locker or one that houses breathalyzer units and is used to control access and ensure that they can't be issued unless recalibrated every month.
Lockers can be supplied with in-built charging capability if required, or if preferred, with a separate charging bank for batteries in a lower locker compartment.
If appropriate, the assets managed can be controlled in RFID lockers to audit the exact time when they were taken and returned.