RFID Lockers

Intelligent, keyless, RFID lockers

Traka RFID lockers are used in situations where controlling who has access to the asset is, in itself, not enough. In such circumstances it is often necessary to know exactly when the asset was taken, when it was returned, and to ensure that it was returned to the correct location. This is achieved through secure storage by uniquely RFID tagging each device so that it is managed, controlled and individually accounted for through the Traka software.

Who uses our intelligent lockers?

Traka intelligent lockers are widely used in Airports, Police Stations, Prisons, Secure Units, Distribution Centres, Power Stations and Hospitals. In reality, organisations use RFID lockers because they want to ensure secure storage so that only authorised, competent and trained staff can gain access to specific assets, partly for security and compliance reasons, but most importantly for control purposes.

Why RFID control?

By RFID tagging each asset, be it a piece of equipment, a specialist tool or hand-held device such as a security radio or laptop, it can be individually and uniquely identified - it has an electronic identity.

What are the benefits?

Because each RFID tagged device is now uniquely identified, it can be managed and controlled as an individual entity.

  • Controlled and restricted user access to each specific device - depending upon a need-to-have, skill level or competency basis
  • Has the device been recalibrated within the past 'x' days - or should it be locked-in because it is outside of its calibration period?
  • When was the device last used - has the battery had sufficient time to recharge? If not, don't release the device.
  • Issue devices on a last-in, last out basis
  • Was the person who returned the device the same person as who took it out originally, and if not, who is going to be held responsible for any damage?
  • The ability to raise an alert on any item which is not returned on time, know who has taken it and, automatically send an SMS text or email message to a line manager or supervisor so they are notified and can take any appropriate action.

How do they work?

Our range of intelligent RFID lockers use the same sophisticated Traka software as our Key Management cabinets - they are run in 'advanced locker administration' mode and are controlled from a local Windows PC or run centrally from a networked server.

The system is very easy to use, simply requiring the user to identify him/herself by typing-in a 4 digit PIN, swipe a company magnetic ID card or use their finger if the biometrics reader access is specified.  The software will check the authenticity of the user and, if authorised, will permit the user to access the lockers and hence the device or equipment in the locker compartment.

Depending upon the nature of the application and the assets being housed, the system may be configured in one of two ways - either a specific locker door will open automatically, determined by the system or, the user may select which locker door he or she wishes to open.

Management information...

The Traka software audits the user by name, which locker was opened and, crucially with RFID, that the actual device or asset was removed, recording it against time and date in the database. The same information is recorded when the device is returned. The system viewer software clearly identifies pictorially which devices are in or out of the system for a quick and easy visual reference - but more detailed information is available in the reports. Devices reported as faulty are referenced by a spanner and can be locked in place until repaired, whilst any devices that are overdue are referenced by a red clock.

If you would like to know more about RFID lockers, please call 01234 712345 and talk with one of our specialists.