Intelligent lockers

Intelligent, keyless, electronic lockers

Managing assets effectively helps businesses to run more smoothly and increases efficiency - knowing where equipment is located; controlling who has access; saving time at shift start up - all combine to make a powerful business case.  At the same, time damage and losses are reduced because users have an increased sense of ownership and accountability;  wasted administration time in resolving issues is eliminated and this helps to reduce demands on your staff, so they can concentrate on profitable work - it also makes important equipment more available to those who really need it, 24/7.

Who uses our intelligent lockers?

Traka intelligent lockers are used in a number of Government offices, Airports, Police, Distribution Centres, Power Stations and a range of commercial organisations to manage a diverse range of equipment - anything from tools and specialist equipment to data communications and portable computing equipment.  Hospitals use Traka for managing access to a special variant of our intelligent lockers so that only authorised staff can gain access to controlled drugs and Police use them to control and restrict access to crime scene evidence and confiscated property, thus ensuring that it is not tampered with. 

In reality, organisations use Traka intelligent lockers because they want to ensure that only authorised, competent and trained staff can gain access to valuable or dangerous equipment - both for security and compliance reasons.

What type of equipment do they hold?

As an example, Traka intelligent lockers can be used to house and control access to pooled or shared equipment and portable assets such as:

  • Airwave and security radios
  • Controlled drugs
  • Arm mounted data terminals
  • Breathalyzers
  • Police evidence
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • Specialist tools

Simple locker solutions

For organisations requiring a less demanding solution, Traka also offers a simple electronic locker.

Modular systems

Traka lockers are modular - and whilst we do have some 'typical sizes', the majority are designed and built to suit a specific customer requirement. In fact, you can even have a mix of locker compartment sizes within the same physical unit. This enables us to house each asset appropriately and control how your staff access the locker.  As you can imagine, housing a workman's power tool is different to a hospital endoscope or an emergency inflatable mattress!

How do they work?

Our range of intelligent lockers use the same sophisticated Traka32 software as our Key Management cabinets - they are run in 'advanced locker administration' mode and controlled from a local Windows PC or run centrally from a networked server environment. 

The system is very easy to use, simply requiring the user to identify him/herself by typing-in a 4 digit PIN, swipe a card or use their finger if the biometrics access is specified.  The software will check the authenticity of the user and, if authorised, will permit the user to access the lockers.

Depending upon the nature of the application and the assets being housed, the system may be configured in one of two ways - either a specific locker door will open automatically, determined by the system or, the user may select which locker door he or she wishes to open.

The Traka32 software then audits the user name and the locker opened, recording it against time and date in the database.

If you would like to know more about intelligent lockers, please call 01234 712345 and talk with one of our specialists.