Designed for organisations wanting to:

  • Manage between 10-60 keys (or key-sets)
  • Control who can access, take and return keys
  • Restrict access to their most important keys for vehicles, equipment and secure areas
  • Ensure keys are always available 24/7 – but restricted to authorised users only
  • Monitor key usage and produce audit reports showing usage by date/time and user, and other useful management information
  • Enforce H&S compliance by controlling who can gain access to equipment and machinery

Organisations using Traka S Series include:-

British Airways, The Metropolitan Police, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, The Royal Mail, The Home Office & Foreign Office, Barclays Capital, Le Louvre (Paris) as well as Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Prisons, Secure Units, Police Forces and Hospitals; Schools and Universities; Power and Mobile Telecoms Companies; and even Royal Households.

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Access Methods

Traka cabinets are fitted as standard with a key pad for users to gain entry by individual PIN code and can optionally be ordered with any access control reader system, for example.... 

  • RFID Proximity
  • Magnetic strip/barcode swipe
  • Biometrics, including fingerprint and hand scanner 

Door Options

Traka S Series cabinets can be supplied with a:

  • Clear polycarbonate door – this provides a quick and ‘easy to see' visual audit of keys in or out of the system.
  • Steel door – this ensures that ‘keys are not visible’ to anyone other than users who are authorised to access them. 

Receptor Strips

Intelligent receptor strips are supplied, as standard, with 10 key/iFob positions. Red, green and amber LED’s indicate which keys are available to an authorised user and also to identify where a key should be returned after use.

Receptor strips can be either locking or non-locking dependant upon the nature of the user requirement. All key transactions are fully audited on both systems.

  • Non-Locking – once access is granted to the cabinet, all keys are available to all users.
  • Locking – only selected keys, as defined by the user profile, are available to that particular user. This will be different for different authorised users of the cabinet. 

Key Capacity

Keys are attached using security seals to Traka iFobs (intelligent Fobs) that lock into designated iFob positions on each receptor strip. The Traka S Series is modular and can hold from one up to six receptor strips, providing a system that manages the number of keys that you require now and is expandable as your requirements grow. 

Special applications

In some circumstances the standard 10 key/iFob receptor strip is better replaced by either a:- 

  • Double spaced receptor strip with 5 ports – used for applications where physically large keys have to be managed – such as prisons
  • Double density receptor strip with 20 ports – used where a large number of small keys have to be managed – such as estate agents or car dealerships

Multiple cabinets

Where large numbers of keys need to be managed, several S Series cabinets can be linked together to create one system with extension cabinets. Access to a maximum of 540 keys can be managed from a single control pod.

The norm is to limit the overall system to one cabinet with control pod and two extension cabinets. This is done so as not to have too many users attempting to access keys via a single control pod at busy times.

Networked / Remote Cabinets

For organisations that require multiple cabinets, an unlimited number of Traka systems can be networked together via a LAN or WAN and controlled from a central PC/Server.

Many organisations require several systems at strategic locations on one site or, multiple systems across a number of remote sites – both are possible provided an appropriate network is maintained.

Fixed or Random Return

The option exists for keys to be returned either to the same fixed position in a cabinet after use each time or to a random position, depending upon the client requirement.

This feature can be particularly useful if keys are to be taken from one cabinet and later returned to another cabinet, perhaps on a different site.

PC Software Administration

The power behind all Traka solutions lies in the Traka32 software. Running on either a single PC or in a networked server environment, it offers multi-language use, provides extensive real time data capture, interfaces with most 3rd party access control applications, and uses an SQL database to provide extensive key transaction history. Using Crystal Reports a comprehensive range of Management Information reports can be generated quickly and easily.

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Traka complete package

When you purchase a Traka system, we pride ourselves on the fact that you are buying more than a key cabinet.
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All Traka systems come with a 12 month UK parts and labour warranty. For systems purchased outside the UK, warranty is provided by the Distributor/Reseller.