Ferroguard - Entry Control System

Ferroguard Entry Control - Meeting ACR recommendation for Zone 4 Screening

The Ferroguard Entry Control system is a wall mounted ferromagnetic detector with the world leading Ferroguard technology. The elegant, unobtrusive poles are located in the vicinity of the entrance doorway to the magnet itself, preventing serious projectile accidents caused by large ferromagnetic objects being carried into the MRI room.

  • Industry leading fluxgate sensor technology provides the most consistent and reliable detection of dangerous objects prior to entering the MRI room
  • The only FMD entryway detector able to be wall mounted directly outside outward-opening MRI room doorway
  • Unique visual “Beacon” system provides early warning of ferromagnetic items approaching the doorway
  • The unique individual sensor column design of Ferroguard makes it the most adaptable and flexible FMD solution, accommodating every facility layout. Ferroguard Entry Control is also available as a portable, battery-powered, freestanding system to suit your facility’s design
  • All Ferroguard Entry Control systems include installation and full staff training by Metrasens-certified engineers.